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Outsourcing to a Professional Bookkeeper Will Save You Money!

Outsourcing to a Professional Bookkeeper Will Save You Money! Many small and medium businesses (SMEs) employ an onsite bookkeeper with the misconception that they are getting an employee with experience and commitment to the business.  Often this is the case but only if they are lucky enough to find a capable bookkeeper with a thorough knowledge of accounting principles and accounting software. So many clients that come to us bring with them various horror stories.  Within the first week of our review we often notice the double payment of creditors,… Read more »

Payroll Record Keeping – Don’t be caught out by what you DON’T KNOW

Former Canberra Cafe Operator Faces Court   –   10 March 2017 The former operator of a Canberra café is facing Court for alleged serious contraventions of record-keeping and pay slip laws. The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action in the Federal Circuit Court against Global Trading and Investment Group Pty Ltd and its former director, Dr Nathem Al-Naser, who formerly owned and operated Café on Benjamin, located at the Westfield Belconnen Shopping Centre. It is alleged that when Fair Work inspectors attempted to audit Café on Benjamin, the limited availability… Read more »

Do Cheap Bookkeepers Save You Money ?

It seems that these days you can get a bookkeeper from $20 an hour upwards. Maybe they are the like the “Two Dollar Stores” of this world. They hope to be able to do a large number of clients’ books quickly at a low cost, and make a living based on turnover. It begs the question: Is a cheap bookkeeper cheap because they themselves do not value their work or worth? Maybe the cheapest bookkeeper has never run a business in their life? Maybe the cheapest bookkeeper is just starting… Read more »