Office Organisation

Is your work environment efficient or is it cluttered and unorganised?

Can you find things when you need them?

Are the lack of systems and organisation wasting time and causing frustration and inefficiency?

We provide an office makeover service.

From rearranging your desk so it works better, to a total office makeover including color schemes, furniture and equipment.

We can implement systems to help you make sense of your office.



Your working environment

Your working environment is quite possibly one of the most important factors that can influence your daily outlook on life, state of mind and productivity during the course of the working day. This is why it’s important to make sure you have a clean, well organized office area that will help set your mood for the day and help convey the right image to clients or customers who may visit. There are several elements that should be considered for planning the perfect office layout. Getting these right will certainly help lift your mood and give you a renewed boost and outlook on the way you manage your workload.

Clean desk and working environment

If you have a clean and tidy office area then you’re more likely to be better organized as a person. Being able to find something quickly and easily will most definitely help towards improving productivity and your state of mind. Filing cabinets, baskets, trays or drawers are simple additions that can help give a home to key documents in your office. Consider investing in some contemporary office furniture to help set the mood for your workstation. You can also soften the feel of your office by having photos, plants or other items that will offer a positive influence on your mood.

Comfortable seating

Consider your choice of seating. Your chair needs to be comfortable and able to provide the correct level of support needed for the long periods that you may be spending sitting down during the course of the day.

  • For an ideal seating position your feet need to be placed flat on the floor with your thighs pointing slightly downwards. Your lower legs and hips should be positioned at little over 90 degrees from each other.
  • Your lower back needs to be well supported and be in contact with your chair. This will ensure you have good lumber support which is paramount for being comfortable.
  • Finally, make sure your neck and shoulders are in a relaxed position with your lower arms at right angles or slightly more open so that your wrists are straight when at your keyboard.


Lighting is another important part of any office. If possible, during daylight hours try to get as much natural daylight as possible. This will help to avoid the feeling of being shut away. If artificial lighting is required, try to opt for adjustable lighting or several different light sources in order to create a mood in the office. Also consider the settings on your computer monitor. Make sure they are set correctly. If they are either too bright or too dim then you could be giving yourself unnecessary eye strain which in turn will add to your stress levels and fatigue.

Free from distractions

In order to be able to work efficiently it is important to be free from distractions. Music may be good to work to, but it could easily cause a distraction as can background noise such as a television or unnecessary telephone calls. To remain productive throughout your day you need to stay focused and organized.